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  • The Changing Landscape Of Saving For Retirement

    Shruti Shah is a qualified actuary working with Alexander Forbes on various assignments with the bulk of her time spent in research & development, pensions and risk management. In this insightful interview, she examines the changing landscape of saving for retirement in Kenya and explains how it is possible...

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  • Multibillion Infinity Industrial Park Is Launched

    That Kenya ranks poorly with regards to ease of doing business globally has, for the longest time, been one of the major put offs to investors. But that may soon change, if entrepreneurs...

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  • Rajeev Njuguna Das - A diaspora take at the Kenyan economy

    It’s not uncommon for a person from one community to adopt a name from another community. But Rajeev Njuguna Das knew no other name since his childhood. The business development...

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  • Pandit Talwalkar Captivates Nairobi

    Titled ‘A Journey into Rhythm,’ Navrang Fine Arts Foundation (NFAF) organised an evening of musical revelry as the likes of Pandit Suresh Talwalkar among a constellation of other renowned musical artists descended at Oshwal Religious Centre (ORC) on October 15...

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  • Fawad, Ustad Rahat Slay It At Victoria Commercial bANK'S 30TH Anniversary

    A lavish bash appealing the haut monde of the city was hosted on October 15, 2016 for Victoria Commercial...

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