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  • India Celebrates 66th Republic Day with Fervency

    India marked its 66th Republic Day, and the Indian High Commissioner’s residence played venue to this year’s celebration as many Indian citizens congregated to join in the festivities...

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  • Tribal Chic 2015's Stunning Splash of Fashion

    Nairobi’s hottest fashion ticket, Tribal Chic, on January 23, left an indelible mark of style and trends to follow this season when seven carefully handpicked fashion and accessory designers showcased...

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  • The Chinese New Year Celebrations Kick Off

    A consortium of the Chinese community residing in Kenya congregated at a high-end restaurant in Spring Valley on January 23, for an exclusive dinner to 
celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year...

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  • The Detail Of Retail In Kenya With Bobby Gadhia

    Being a retailer in Kenya is not an easy feat. From the high cost of doing business and endless battles – legal or otherwise- with local authorities, to pilferage from your own employees among many others...

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  • Sports Star - Biko Adema

    He has represented Kenya on a number of occasions, he has donned the famous dominant-red with-splashes-of-green-and-black rugby 7s jersey, he has toured many cities across the world...

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