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  • Nairobi Marks First Westgate Attacks Anniversary

    The memories are too strong yet. Although, it has been a year since the horrific attacks on Westgate, Nairobians remember it like it was yesterday. Many of those who lost their dear ones during the dastardly attacks congregated at the very same place, Westgate on September 21, 2014 for a candle-lighting ceremony...

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  • Rahim Pirbhai - "A Mixologist is an Entertainer"

    “Like that perfect cocktail, Kenyan-born Rahim Pirbhai is in equal parts a spirits lover, cocktail artist and an outgoing personality. Luck by chance, the onetime cashier left his job behind the desk to take on another job behind the bar too – only this time, it was a heady rush of exhilaration, ardor and commitment (in no particular order) –  you see...

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  • Tribute from Afar

    Bushcrawler Motorsports - a registered company and motorsport team currently operating from the UK – this year dedicated their vehicle’s bodywork to the victims of the Westgate Shopping Mall ordeal...

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  • Europe’s Fast Growing Mobile Brand – Wiko – Launched in Kenya

    A double function launch was held by the organiser, EMS Cover to inaugurate what are touted as ‘Europe’s fastest growing mobile brand, Wiko into the Kenyan market...

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  • Baps Swaminarayan’s Enthralling Cultural Show

    On September 20, the BAPS Swaminarayan hall came alive when bejeweled dancers swept effortlessly across the stage, wearing spirited expressions and vibrant costumes, compelling the audiences, which took up each and every seat in the hall, to break into thunderous applause after each performance...

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