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  • DJ Rink - Beauty, Brains and Music Brilliance

    Not many would abandon a job healthy in dinero for one that isn’t as lucrative based on passion and prowess. For Snehal Shah, also known as DJ Rink, that was the tale of her life when she abandoned a white collar job for one that was more volatile. She followed her heart and let her skills do the talking, profusely mixing songs with panache...

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  • Jubilant Janmashtmi Celebrations

    Lord Krishna’s birthday was celebrated in all its glory where different temples in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya, ushered the festive day with spiritually-reinvigorating programs. Aarti, skits in glorification of Krishna as well as decking up young boys in Krishna’s avatar were some of the fancied activities...

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  • Dance of Zodiac Signs

    Former students of Kamini’s School of Dancing as well as the current ones etched in a unique concept to enthral lovers of dance at a concert at Oshwal High Auditorium on August 16. Calling it the Zodiac Yatra, the sixth annual show mesmerizingly highlighted the signature traits of each sun sign...

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  • The Dazzling Kenya Fashion Awards

    Every individual has a sense of fashion. And with the vibrant Kenyan fashion scene – it was only a matter of time before the Kenya Fashion Awards 2014 award ceremony was upon us with all the soirees and celebrations...

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  • Pioneer Prophesizes a Boom For The Entertainment Industry

    Call her straight-forward, if you may. Rani Jamal doesn’t hesitate to call a spade by its rightful definition. Having pioneered the music and entertainment industry as a sought-after promoter through an enviable 16 year journey, Rani Jamal has seen the struggles and successes associated with the vibrant and competitive industry...

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