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  • Pheroze Nowrojee Honoured With The Cb Madan Award

    Senior Counsel, Pheroze Nowrojee was honoured with the CB Madan award at Safari Park Hotel on December 9. He spoke greatly about Chunilal Bhagwandas Madan who became Chief Justice of Kenya in 1985...

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  • Prathap Kumar Plays Proponent for Unity In Diversity

    Love all, serve all, is the founding stone on which Prathap Kumar, the Chairman of Sri Ayyappa Temple lays his firm belief upon. With almost two and a half years as Chairman, Kumar speaks about his tenure, the Samaj’s achievements...

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  • Angry Young Man On Tv

    The promos of LifeOk’s Mahakumbh created a strong buzz in the Indian television world. The scale in which the show has been shot is discussed at length but what supersedes...

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  • Sanjana Deshpande’s Extraordinary Chase To The Global Stage

    Ever since Sanjana Deshpande was introduced to chess by her father, she never looked back. Her interest for the game grew into a burning passion that not only won her local tourneys...

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  • Charity Christmas Party At Hospital Hill School

    A Christmas party was organised by the Sri Ayyappa Samaj on December 14 for orphans from various homes across Kenya. The Christmas party was aimed at meeting the targets that are set by the Ayyappa Samaj...

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